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Parallel Architecture and the orthography of Dutch

Paradigmatic relations in Construction Morphology: the case of Dutch Noun+Verb compounds.  ZWJW / Journal of Word formation, Sonderheft 2023/2

Review of Alba E. Ruz, Cristina Fernández-Alcaina & Cristina Lara-Clares (eds.), Paradigms in word formation. Theory and applications (Studies in Language Companion Series 225). Amsterdam/Philadelphia: John Benjamins, 2022. English Language and Linguistics.

There is a new version (January 1, 2023) of my Bibliography of Construction Morphology.

The Algemene Nederlandse Spraakkunst (ANS) has been enriched by a completely new chapter on the phonology of Dutch written by me in 2019-2020 in cooperation with Kathy Rys and Nelleke Janssen.

The second enrichment of this open access internet grammar of Dutch written by me in 2021-2022 is the new version of the chapter on word formation: Chapter 12. Woordvorming and woordstructuur.
Oxford University Press has published a revised and expanded edition of The Morphology of Dutch (first edition published in 2002).

This book is a description of the morphological system of Dutch in English. Inflection, derivation, and compounding are each discussed in separate chapters, following a short exposé on the basic assumptions of morphological theory. The interaction of morphology with phonology and syntax is dealt with subsequently. The chapters also provide access to more detailed studies of Dutch that have appeared in the international literature.

The book shows that the morphology of Dutch poses many interesting descriptive and theoretical issues. It contributes to ongoing discussions on the nature and representation of morphological processes, the role of paradigmatic relations between words, and between words and phrases, and the interaction between morphology, phonology, and syntax. The implication of the analyses presented is that the grammar of natural languages has to be conceived of as a multi-dimensional network of abstract morphological and syntactic patterns and their instantiations as individual words and phrases.

Booij 2019 The Morphology of Dutch Table of Contents

E-book available



Geert Booij is emeritus professor of linguistics at the University of Leiden.

Address: Leiden University Center of Linguistics, P.O. Box 9515, NL-2300 RA Leiden, The Netherlands,  email: g.e.booij [ at ]

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Video lectures

Videolecture given at the University of Kentucky, Lexington, June 2013: Inheritance and Construction Morphology.

Videolecture on Construction Morphology (by Martin Hilpert):

Farewell lecture

Geert Booij, De constructie van taal. Afscheidscollege gegeven op 7 september 2012 aan de Universiteit Leiden.


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Books in English

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E-book edition

Chinese edition 2014

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Geert Booij (2019). The morphology of Dutch. Second edition. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Books in Dutch

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Edited books

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E-book edition available

Edited proceedings

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